3 best quotes from Prince Harry on royal baby news

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The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge And Prince Harry Attend The Tour De France Grand DepartImage courtesy of Getty.

Prince George is staying mum on the topic (something about not having language skills yet?), we’ve gotten the reaction from the other person whose life was changed irrevocably with this new royal baby news: Prince Harry. Not only is he a two-time uncle now, he is also one step farther from being king, which if this was a Disney movie, would be a real problem.
While out and about today, Harry was quizzed about how he feels about the new royal baby. Here are the three best things the lovable redhead had to say on the matter:
On the possibility of the baby being a girl: "I would love to see him [William] try and cope with that!’
On what the new baby’s strategy should be as a younger sibling: "There’s never a strategy. I think George will be over the moon. I think he will be thrilled having another small younger brother or sister."
On the news in general: ‘I hope the two of them have the opportunity to go through the process again with a little bit of peace and quiet.’
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