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perfect-spring-skin-care-routineGlowing skin like the models at Alberta Ferretti Spring 2014 can be yours with the right regimen. Photo courtesy of

Just like you change your wardrobe from season to season, your daily skin care routine needs to be adjusted when the weather shifts from polar vortex to pre-summer scorcher. But
transitioning your skin from winter to spring is no easy feat. We spoke with Natalie Perger, Lead Skin Care Trainer at Éminence Organics, to determine the ideal skin care routine for March to May in five easy steps.
Step 1 Start your journey to the ideal skin care regimen with a
facial cleanser. "Cleansing two times a day to remove all surface impurities is key," says Perger. You should
wash your face once in the morning and then again before bed to help your skin cope with the muggy weather that accompanies spring.
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Step 2 Next up, you want to make sure you’re toning your skin on a daily basis. "
Tone your skin so that it is balanced and ready for additional products. Toners are also great to keep with you throughout the day to refresh your skin," adds Perger. A great
face spray can also help keep you cool and hydrated without a greasy finish.
Step 3 To exfoliate, or not to exfoliate? That’s always the question–but it is necessary for spring. "Exfoliate two times per week at home and book a
professional facial once a month for a deeper treatment," Perger says. Moreover, at-home
face masks and lip and face scrubs will help you get rid of dry winter skin.
Step 4 We can’t stress the importance of a
good sunscreen enough. Shielding your skin from the sun protects against
premature aging, wrinkles, lines and of course burns once the sun’s rays become stronger. "Add SPF protection either in your daily moisturizer, facial sunscreen or in a
tinted moisturizer," says Perger.
Step 5 Your skin is the largest organ in the body, meaning you can’t just focus on one area. "Step up your body care routine at the same time with
sugar scrubs and body moisturizers and book a skin care treatment at a local spa for a kick start," says Perger. "Also use a foot scrub and moisturize for sandal season."
OVER TO YOU! Do you change up your skin care routine from season to season?
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