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Are wrinkles predominantly hereditary or are they caused by a variety of external factors? Do weight loss and stress play a role in getting wrinkles as you age? If you want to know how to identify the causes, avoid the triggers and take advantage of the preventions, take our quiz to test your knowledge about wrinkles. We checked in with Holly Sherrard, Education Manager at The International Dermal Institute and she provided us with the facts. Do you know which of these statements are true and which are false? Grab a pen and paper and find out; you may be surprised by what you learn!


1. If you don’t wear sunscreen, the cumulative effects of the sun will catch up with you as you age.

2. Skin lacking in oil may be more prone to wrinkling and skin which is oily may not experience as many wrinkles.

3. Over-exfoliation, quick weight loss and stress are all potential triggers for wrinkles.

4. Genetics account for 90% of how your skin will age.

5. If you’re a sun-worshipper, you’re likely to get more wrinkles regardless the amount of oil your skin produces.


7. Caffeine and alcohol consumption have no impact on how skin ages.

8. Vitamin C intake will do nothing to improve the firmness of your skin and is best used to fight off colds!

9. Pregnancy, menopause and emotional stress can all be contributors to wrinkled skin, because they can upset the body’s hormonal balance.

10. Repeated facial expressions can cause the skin to loosen, lose elasticity and wrinkle. Frown lines, for example, are caused by repeatedly contracting the muscles between the eyebrows.

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How’d you do? Here are the answers:

1. True

2. True

3. True

4. False: According to Holly, genetics only account for about 10% of how your skin ages. The other 90% is due to external factors like smoking, pollution and sun-exposure!


6. True

7. False: Along with sun-protection, exercise and avoiding smoking, Holly advises keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum. Both caffeine and alcohol dehydrate the skin, making it more prone to wrinkles.

8. False: According to online research, Vitamin C helps in the body’s formation of collagen. Collagen increases skin’s firmness; firm skin translates into fewer wrinkles.

9. True

10. True

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