Dry skin and chapped lips are just two things we have to worry about with a Canadian winter. Check out some of ELLE Canada’s winter beauty and skin care tips to help you look and feel fresh all winter long!

Winter skin care savers
The winter blahs can affect more than just your mood, they can also impact the appearance and texture of skin. Gone is that luminous glow brought on by the warm days of summer; skin seems to have dried out, leaving it looking and feeling lacklustre. Which is why it’s important to have a winter skin care action plan for when the barometer drops. ELLECanada.com checked in with four of Canada’s top dermatologists for their winter weather skin tips.

5 ways to protect your hair and skin this winter
The cold, the wind, the dry heat — it may feel like you’re at war with winter and the way it ravages your hair and skin. Which is why we wanted to arm you with some expert advice on how to protect your assets from Canada’s blustery conditions, so you’ll look chic no matter what the weather conditions are.

Winter-weather skin care essentials
Dry heat and extreme cold … winter often translates into parched skin. With the skin exposed to such harsh elements, it’s important to take steps to restore your skin’s moisture barrier, says Donna Paty, Kiehl’s national education manager. How? We checked in with several skin experts for their advice on how to win the cold war against your skin.

Winter skin savers: Must-have products
Keep dry, flaky skin at bay with these moisture-rich, vitamin-packed skin care products.

Luscious locks: Winter hair care tips
Winter doesn’t just bring snow and cold temperatures — it also brings a new set of hair havocs. Dry air, blowing snow, wind, static, and indoor heat can all cause your hair to misbehave, look dull and downright lousy. But to make sure your hair doesn’t suffer throughout the cold months, we asked top stylist, Justin German, co-owner of chic Yorkville salon Shagg and a Pantene spokesperson, for his best winterizing hair care tips.