Let’s face it – as much as we want summer to hurry up and arrive, we still have a solid two months before the temps hit the 20s (and we hit the patio). The best way to transition into spring with a flawless face is to create the perfect winter beauty routine. We enlisted skin care and makeup experts to share secrets on how to nail the “ski bunny” beauty look— think healthy, hydrated skin and makeup that’s as fresh and pretty as a winter snowfall.


Expert: Holly Sherrard, Education Manager at Dermalogica

Mission: Protect skin from the sun, wind and cold.

1. Hydration rules

Winter’s wind chill factor does more than just make you pile on the layers and bring out the snoods – Sherrard says that it’s a serious hazard to under-moisturized skin. Your best defense is to layer on the moisture, just as you would with clothing. But dabbing on some extra moisturizer isn’t enough. “Exfoliate with a rice-based microfoliator, such as Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant, and layer water-binding ingredients,” suggests Sherrard. “Incorporate brown seaweed for hydration, and argan oil, geranium and jasmine to treat sensitized winter skin.” Try Dermalogica’s Barrier Repair,
a moisturizer that helps soothe and reinforce the protective barrier.

2. SPF is a must

“Canadians get a false sense of protection when the winter months hit,” warns Sherrard. Just because we’re watching the wind chill factor and not the humidity index doesn’t mean the sun takes a holiday. As Sherrard points out, “Sunlight reflects off snow, comes through windows and still burns the skin even when the temperature is below zero.” Apply a minimum SPF of 15 every day and reapply every two hours.

3. Damage control

We’ve all been there – we skimp on the sunscreen or skip part of our routine, and end up with a sunburn or dry, flaky skin. Sherrard’s number one tip for sunburned skin? Don’t exfoliate. “Gently cleanse then apply a soothing serum with ingredients such as bisabolol, oats, silicones and ginger,” Sherrard suggests.

But for dry, flaky skin,
exfoliation is key. “Exfoliation prepares the skin for other active ingredients and if the dry, dead skin cells aren’t removed, other products may not work as well.” Follow up with layers of hydrating ingredients.

Now that you have a flawless skin care routine, perfect your winter makeup with these tips on the next page …

Expert: Grace Lee, lead makeup artist with Maybelline New York.

Mission: Create a fresh ski bunny makeup look.

1. Get the look

A light sweep of the right beauty products will only enhance the natural flush you get courtesy of the great outdoors. “Wear just the right amount of blush with some mascara and lightly stained lips—the trick is not to overdo it,” says Lee. “Curl and coat lashes with a good mascara. Try a cream blush like Maybelline New York’s Dream Bouncy Blush. I’m obsessed with it because it doesn’t look overdone.” Protect your lips with a creamy balm with SPF and you’re good to go.

2. Opt for no-smudge mascara

“If you use a waterproof mascara, longwearing eyeshadows like Maybelline New York’s Eye Studio Color Tattoo shadows and cream blush, your makeup is less likely to budge,” says Lee. And it means you can move easily from the slopes to the chalet.

3. Go bold for après-ski

Before you head fireside with hot cocoa in hand, add an extra dab of blush and a brighter lip shade. As Lee explains, “It’s a great way to quickly wake up your beauty look.”

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