Who beat Kim Kardashian for the most “physically perfect” body?

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Kim-Kardashian-Perfect-Body The queen has been overthrone. Image from instagram.com/kimkardashian.

by Monika Markovinovic
Kim K’s hot booty (along with itty bitty waist) may have broke the Internet, but get this: according to science (the ancient Greek’s Golden Ratio of Beauty to be exact), her figure is only the SECOND closest to physically perfect in the
celebrity world. So wait. WHO BEAT KIM?
Find out which Hollywood starlet has the most flawless body according to science after the jump…

UK lingerie brand,
BlueBella, conducted the study that showcased
Scarlett Johansson to be as ‘close to physical perfection’ as any celebrity currently alive. Let me break it down for you: The Golden Ratio of beauty was a way for ancient Greeks to measure flawlessness. The ideal ratio is 1.618. This is based off a woman’s measurements (breasts to waist, hip to waist, breasts to hips).
Scarletts vivacious assists gave the
Avengers star an incredible score of 1.560 (96.4%). Kim Kardashian was just a pinch behind with a score of 1.558 (96.3%). “We do a lot of research to make sure that our lingerie fits perfectly and that we understand trends around body shape,” Emily Bendell, founder of
BlueBella said. “We were running a computer simulation on celebrity women and in doing so we inadvertently discovered that Scarlett’s figure is pretty much as close as you can get to the perfect Golden Ratio.” Dame Helen Mirren was third with a score of 95.6%. I should probably mention she is 69 years old. Get it, girl!
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