Ever since The Hills debuted in 2006, Whitney Port’s wavy blond locks have been #hairgoals. But even a beauty muse needs inspo. “I really want to start looking at my Pinterest board more and get inspired to try different things,” the face of Wella’s EIMI collection tells us of her 2016 beauty resolutions. We’ll be watching closely, Whitney! In the meantime, we got the newlywed to spill about everything from styling tips to her wedding hair.

On her daily hair routine
“Unless I’m going somewhere or doing something where I need to have my hair styled and done, I’m very low maintenance. I really like to let it dry as natural as possible to keep it as healthy as possible. I love the Perfect Me products from Wella’s EIMI collection because they really moisturize and condition my hair.”

On the loose, knotted pony she wore on her wedding
“I was the kind of bride that changed my mind every day depending on my mood. That’s kind of how I am with fashion and beauty in general, I don’t really stick to one style, aesthetic or trend, I really just dress and look according to how I feel. When I saw my dress for the last time and did my final dress fitting, that’s when I realized what I wanted to do with my hair. I knew that I wanted it off my face and I wanted it really simple and modern to let the dress shine.”

On her most daring hairdo
“In college, I dyed my hair brown and that so did not work for me. Because I have blonde hair, the brown eventually turned green and that wasn’t a very good look.”

On her celebrity muses

“Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can really do no wrong. Her colour is just perfect and her cuts are always so great. In terms of styling, Diane Kruger always pushes boundaries.”

On her favourite styling tips

“If you want to get those ultimate, pretty beachy waves, the one-inch curling iron is the way to go. When I really want to be low maintenance but I’m going out and want my hair to look okay, I will flat iron just the ends, because I have a blunt cut so it keeps my ends looking really cool, and then I will just kind of put a little bend in the front pieces of my hair and allow those to frame my face and really not have to touch the rest of my hair.”

On her 2016 hair goals
“I definitely believe in making resolutions, I don’t think that they should be on new year’s though. You can make a resolution really at any point in your life. In terms of my hair, I’d love to be a little bit more adventurous in styling it.”

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