So much of what we say, do and wear is based on our personalities. Want to find out what lacquer you should be lavishing your nails with this season? Grab a pen and answer the following questions to find out:

1. Your boyfriend invites you to a wedding where you won’t know anyone. You need to buy a new dress (of course!) and opt for:
A) A classic little black dress; since you don’t know anyone, you’d prefer to blend into the crowd.
B) Something classic and elegant, but you dress it up with lots of bling.
C) A sexy red number that will be hard to forget; you’ll be remembered as the girl in the red dress.

2. There’s an invitation-only Prada sample sale happening next weekend and you’d give anything to go. Unfortunately, you weren’t invited. You:
A) Shrug and forget about it — some things just weren’t meant to be.
B) Take a casual stroll down to the sale to check things out and see if you run into someone who can hook you up.
C) Call everyone you know (friends, family, colleagues and yes, even Prada’s head office) in a desperate attempt to get on the coveted list.

3. Your company Christmas party is just around the corner. You decide to wear:
A) A long skirt, twin-set and a pair of pearls; you want your boss to see you as elegant, not a party animal.
B) A slimming black pencil skirt and a sheer black blouse with a camisole; it’s sexy but understated.
C) A tight, low-cut dress that shows off your best assets — all of them!

4. Your boyfriend of two months blows you off one Saturday afternoon and later that same day, you see him having a cozy coffee with an irritatingly attractive woman. You:
A) Walk by, pretending you don’t see him. You don’t want to cause a scene and maybe she’s. . . a long-lost sister he just hasn’t gotten around to mentioning.
B) Approach them and say hello. You want him to know you’ve seen him, but you keep your cool, all the same.
C) Freak out! Your public tantrum ends in pouring scalding coffee in his lap, but not without making sure that some of it ends up on her fake Louis Vuitton handbag, too!

5. There’s a new Marc Jacobs bag that has caught your eye and you simply have to have it. Your credit card is maxed. You:
A) Forget about it. You can’t afford it and that’s just the way it is.
B) Save up for it. You love, love, love it — it’s worth saving for this extravagant purchase.
C) Hit the bank and get yourself approved for a new credit card. You only live once!

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Page 1 of 36. Your Saturday night drink of choice is:
A) Water — who needs the extra calories?
B) A vodka tonic — it goes down nice and easy.
C) Drink? Or drinks? Who can keep track?

7. A friendly co-worker starts flirting outrageously with you. You’re very attracted to him. You:
A) Ignore all of his attempts to strike up conversation and pretend that you misunderstand when he asks you out to dinner. You don’t want rumours to start flying around the office!
B) Are friendly and polite; what can be the harm in having lunch or even dinner with him?
C) Flirt back equally outrageously. Bring it on, baby!

8. You start dating a new guy but he’s a bad kisser, with worse breath and boring to boot. You:
A) Give him a few more chances. No one’s perfect, after all.
B) Tell him politely that while you like him, you just don’t think it’s going to work out.
C) Dump him faster than you can say “Dentyne”

9. Your boyfriend surprises you with a weekend getaway. You don’t know where you’re going. You pack:
A) Super-light. A few t-shirts, a couple pairs of jeans and one pair of heels, just in case.
B) A decent mix of casual and chic outfits; you’ll be prepared for anything.
C) Every dress and stiletto you’ve got. You’re not going to be caught dead in trackies and running shoes, even if you are just kicking around at a cabin.

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You’re quiet and demure. You care what other people think of you and pay close attention the first impression you make on strangers. Girl, you need to lighten up and let your wild side loose! You need to vamp it up with some striking, sexy shades that show you’re not such a good girl after all. We suggest Rouge Marie by MAC, Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI and Rouge Noir by Chanel. These dark, bold colours will be a sharp contrast to your good girl image but don’t worry. You can still wear your twin-sets. . . if you must!

You’re conservative but not annoyingly so! You know how to have fun, though you tend to err on the side of caution, choosing tried and true over fast and furious. You like consistency in your life and you’re always polite to people, even when you really want to tell them to bugger off. This season, dress your nails up in mid-tone shades like Abstract by MAC, Cozu-Melted in the Sun by OPI or Rose Paradise by Chanel.

You’re outgoing and flamboyant and you love it. You have a real joie de vivre and it shines through. Some people might call you abrasive and aggressive but you’ve never been one to care what other people think. You put lots of thought into your wardrobe choices and never want to be a wallflower. You prefer making an impression and being remembered for it. This season, tone down the colour on your nails with nice neutrals like Gossamer by MAC, Miso Happy With This Colour by OPI and Naturel by Chanel. Toning down your nail colour doesn’t mean you have to tone down your personality!

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