It’s hard enough keeping cool in the midst of our hot, humid summers without having to worry about fading lip colour. Embrace your natural glow and play up the shine with the latest lip gloss offerings.

“Lip gloss is just magic,” says Eddie Maleterre, official makeup artist with L’Oréal Paris. “It reflects light, creating the illusion of full, healthy-looking lips.” According to Maleterre, lip gloss has changed and improved with the times. “It’s less sticky and more shiny than before.”

Designers this season favoured sheer lip gloss with just a hint of fruit-inspired colour: peach, apricot, strawberry — and lots of pink.

“It’s natural, fresh-looking and sensual,” adds Maleterre. “You can wear this lip gloss on its own or overtop your favourite lipstick for a touch of shine.” For extra volume, those with thin lips can line their lip contour first in a neutral shade or one that’s a similar colour to the gloss. “Apply gloss with a lip brush, blending into the lipliner for a soft, subtle effect.”