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Image via MAC Cosmetics Instagram
"The trend in nail shape is to wear what you love! Don’t worry about the trend. It’s about looking at your nails and loving them and feeling excited about them. After all, you’re the one seeing your hands all day long, every day – so don’t listen to others. Even with colour, if you hate chocolate brown but it’s dubbed the next big trend, you’ll wear it for a day and then hate it and end up changing it. There is no trend other that what you like." – Marian Newman, for MAC Cosmetics, when asked what the new trend in nail shape is. Newman, a passionate and talented nail artist, made a presentation for MAC at its A/W European trend presentation in Lake Como this week. While a group of over 100 editors from 33 countries listened in, she discussed her love of a "rock ‘n’ roll nude" and had this to say about nail art: It’s on the way out. "It may stay around for some," she said, "but now we’re moving away from that and into the direction of gorgeous colour – the kinds of shades that women stop you and ask you what you’re wearing and where you got it." Watch for Newman’s new collection, called
Nail Transformations, in the fall: a range of six shades that change polish colour, add highlights, texture and tone and work alone or with any colour you have at home. The opals will change your life (or at least your nail polish collection).