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Do you know the secret to drawing the perfect cat eye? Does your life revolve around lipstick? Can you contour like a Kardashian? If the answer is yes, you might be ELLE Canada’s first-ever beauty vlogger. Today the beauty department is launching a contest of epic win proportions. We’re searching for our very own beauty vlogger to work with us for 6 months creating videos of various makeup looks, tips and tricks. All the details on how to enter are below, and the contest closes on May 18th. The winner will be decided by an ELLE Canada judging panel, but we will also be taking the public vote into consideration too. Yup, this is one of those ‘opportunities of a lifetime’ things you hear about in infomercials but without needing to use your credit card. Remember to read all the contest rules before you submit – and good luck! We can’t wait to get a peek into your beauty world – and hopefully have you join ours.