With so many different looks gracing the runways this season, it’s time to update your look and have some fun. A new hair-do, bold lips or smoky eyes? Our virtual makeover tool can help you decide, plus we have tried and true beauty tips from the pros to help you change up your look. So, test out those bold red lips or that celebrity hair cut because here you can always hit the “un-do” button.

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Virtual makeovers

Virtual Makover with a beauty how-to: Prada’s poppy red lips
This modern take on hot red lips works on virtually everyone.

Behind-the-scenes beauty: September 2010

Makeup and hair artist, Geneviève Lenneville, takes us behind-the-scenes.

Fall beauty: Focal point
Give yourself a virtual makeover with bold brows, thick liner, smoky eyes and splashes of colour to make your eyes the centre of attention this season.


Making the cut: Must-have celebrity hair styles
Wondering if that hot celeb hair style will work on you? Find out here with a virtual makeover!

Virtual Makeover: Hair colour ideas
When it comes to changing your hair colour, the decisions can be tricky. But we have all the tips, products and advice you need for your hair colour ideas.

Short and sweet: Short hair tips and tricks
Pixie cuts, bobs, shags and anything above the shoulders — short hair styles are hot and we have the tips for great cuts, styles and care.