Travel beauty special: ELLE Canada’s editors’ beauty must-haves

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editors-travel-esssentialsPhotography by Jean-Claude Lussier.

Our editors’ secrets to packing smart, skirting jet lag and scoring the best beauty products abroad.


Noreen Flanagan: Editor-in-Chief Year’s travel log: 67,988 km. Top trips: Sucre (Bolivia), Singapore, Paris. Jet-lag erasers: I drink as much water as I can possibly handle and sleep with my Chanel eye mask to block out light. Foreign scores: I discovered Natura makeup products backstage at Colombia Fashion Week. In Paris, I found the brand’s Body Milk Mist in-store in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Wish list: Chile, Argentina, Morocco, Italy. (Driving along the Amalfi coast is on my bucket list.)


Photography by Richard Dubois

Vanessa Craft: Beauty Director Year’s travel log: 78,991 km. Top trips: St. Petersburg, Turks & Caicos, San Francisco, St. Barths–and I flew to New York City 12 times. Jet-lag erasers: Melatonin and strategic power naps. Foreign scores: In Paris drugstores: Biafine Act, a herbal skin-regenerating cream, and Drill throat lozenges. In London, I grab as many divine Roja Dove candles as I can and pick up Philip Kingsley Elasticizer hair treatment (a godsend for coarse, curly hair). Wish list: I’d love to be in Rio for the World Cup.


Photography by Elena Viltovskaia

Laura deCarufel: Executive Editor Year’s travel log: 29,780 km. Top trips: Paris, Milan, New York. Foreign scores: Whenever I’m in Paris, I make a point of visiting City-Pharma, an incredible pharmacy in Saint-Germain-des-Prés—two storeys stocked with great deals on classic French brands like Caudalie and Avène. Wish list: Argentina. (Buenos Aires is my dream destination.) Beauty prep: A day before I leave, I always get a Shellac manicure in blush nude or lavender—they both go with everything and never chip.

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Christina Reynolds: Managing Editor Year’s travel log: 124,242 km. Top trips: South Sudan, Australia, India, Thailand, London, Fernie (B.C.). Foreign score: I’m usually hitting up pharmacies for Panadol Cold & Flu. Unfortunately, I often seem to catch a cold on overseas flights. Wish list: Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Newfoundland and Labrador—I want to see all of Canada. Packing tip: I always carry my beauty essentials and a change of clothes with me on the plane just in case my luggage gets lost—it has happened to me!


Photography by Elena Viltovskaia

Kathryn Hudson: Features Editor
Year’s travel log: 118,646 km.
Top trips: Tokyo, Santiago, Mexico City, Copenhagen.
Jet-lag eraser: I never do the math. If you don’t know “what time it is at home,” I think your body adjusts more quickly.
Foreign score:
After a sunburn in Portugal, I bought Uriage Pruriced Gel Soothing Gel for Hairy Areas and Skin Folds. The calamine cream soothes without chalkiness. I recommend it constantly—despite the name.
Wish list: Vietnam.
Bare essential: I never travel without my Nexus pass.


Photography by Justin Harrington

Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington: Senior Web Editor Year’s travel log: 149,124 km. Top trips: Africa, South America, Indonesia. Jet-lag eraser: Never nap on the first day—no matter what. Foreign scores: The travel-size beauty containers at Muji. Last time I shopped there, I scooped up a cute striped eye mask that is now my on-plane essential. Wish list: Botswana, the Philippines, Poland, Tibet. Beauty prep: I tint my eyelashes, so I never have to worry about smudged mascara making me look tired on my travels.

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