Beauty editors don’t tend to fan-girl – we’ve seen it all, people – but when Tilda Swinton made her debut this season as the face of NARS Cosmetics spring/summer campaign, we couldn’t help but swoon over the actress, artist and muse.

Below, Swinton exclusively shares her beauty must-haves.

You have your choice of so many projects. What made you say yes to NARS?
“I met François [Nars] only recently when he asked to photograph me for his book, having long been an admirer of his from afar for many years. I liked him immensely and immediately and we were eager, from that first session, to do more things together. Now, I understand why his work is so fresh and original, because he is so bright and has such a sweet heart.”

How do you deal with the pressure that comes with being a beauty and style icon?
“I have never been particularly hung up on what I look like. I was this height when I was 13, and you know, there’s only so much I can do with myself.”

What’s your beauty mantra?
“The wonderful thing about makeup for me is that a little goes a very long way.”

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Do you have favourite products or are you always adding new things to your beauty regimen?
“NARS Night Out blue nail polish goes super fast in our house!”

Come summer, do you add anything into your repertoire?
“A good night’s sleep.”

Who are some of your beauty or fashion influences?
“My grandmother, David Bowie, my children, Patti Smith and Delphine Seyrig.”

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