(Images: Imaxtree.com)


The whip-straight ponytails at Dior
Katherine Flemming, health and beauty editor:
I love a glossy, Guido-conceived ponytail—and the way these gleaming tails sailed down the runway made them extra covetable.
Victoria DiPlacido, assistant beauty editor:
Well, this look confirms it: There is an on-trend ponytail for fall/winter 2015 that works for you.  And this ‘tail in particular makes me want to cue Willow Smith’s “Whip my hair” (always a sign of a good hairstyle, I think).


The statement eye at Céline

KF: Beauty eds await this show with bated breath, knowing that makeup artist Dick Page is sure to cook up the kooky. And while I normally categorize this show as OTT and weird, I found this execution to be strangely beautiful.

VDP: If Jeremy Scott’s OTT eyeshadow was the “editorial” way to work a bright statement eye for fall 2015, this is the way to wear it in real life. (Though stopping the shadow just below the brows, instead of in them, may make the look slightly more palatable.)


The single braid at Lanvin

KF: It’s classic and clean, and while there’s nothing revolutionary about its placement, girth or length—that slim leather tie that secures it at the end of the braid is Parisian elegance at its best.

VDP: I love a fishtail braid as much as the next girl, but they take time, energy and commitment. A single, neat plait, however, I can accomplish in under 30 seconds. Consider this look added back into my repertoire.


The sharp side-parts at Balmain

KF: The side part is eternally sexy, eternally cool girl, and I love it almost as much as I love a clean centre part.

Changing the placement of your part is the oldest trick in the book for livening up your look  – and it works for nearly all hair types: Almost the entire cast of models (which featured an amazing array of ethnicities) at Balmain rocked the deep part.


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