I realize how bold I am by stating that I may have discovered the world’s best facial, but as I type this post I’m looking at skin that just came off of a 24-hour travel day looking its 33 years (16 days away from 34, but who’s counting) utterly transformed into a complexion that’s barely scraping past 29.9. I’m currently visiting the
Hotel Martinez on the famous boulevard de La Croisette in Cannes and I gratified my tired, airplane skin with the hotel’s signature facial:
Absolute Oxygen Sensation Skin Therapy. At first, I regretted my decision: It’s a gloriously vibrant 80 degrees here (sorry) and the hotel’s private
Zplage beachside lounge (with chilled rose at the ready) was calling my name; but an appointment made is an appointment kept, so I stuck with it. My face – and soul – was not disappointed. The therapy begins with a deliciously cloying mask and exfoliation using Parisienne beauty brand
Lancaster, followed by what seems like an eternity of gentle steam cascading over your pores (to oxygenate and rid you of all of your indulged toxins). Then, responding to what your skin needs (mine: hydration) a targeted face massage tones and replenishes your complexion to give you a flushed, radiant glow. Wrinkles seemingly diminish and the texture of my skin was smooth and deeply recharged. Take that, 33.9.