The “more is more” beauty memo from Paris Fashion Week

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It's all about more. Except for when it's about less. (C'est la vie.)

The beauty at Paris Fashion Week is always something to look forward to. In New York, for instance, we might get a really cool cat eye. In Paris, we get a cat eye that takes up half of the face, made out of crystals repurposed from the show’s jewelry (see: Anthony Vaccarello). The makeup may not always be something you can wear to work – or ever, really. But that’s not the point. It’s inspirational, if not aspirational. Here’s what the beauty team had to say about the looks so far:


The lipstick/hair situation at Maison Margiela

Vanessa Craft, beauty director: Oh, fashun, how I adore thee. Obviously no one can wear this outside the safe, accepting confines of the catwalk, but I applaud the blatant disregard for common sense beauty rules at play. Blending your lipliner or hair colour is beneath Paris.

Carli Whitwell, health and beauty editor: Miss Havisham meets Charlotte’s Web. Pass (although I feel Victoria could totally pull of this lipstick).

Victoria DiPlacido, associate beauty editor: Thanks, Carli…. I think? The other beauty look from this show, with only lip liner, no lipstick, seems like the natural backlash to overlined lips. A deconstructed lip kit, shall we say. 


The cat eye at Anthony Vaccarello

Vanessa Craft, beauty director: I want to party with this girl/be this girl. For when the night calls for more than just a basic cat eye and you need to send a message that the party is you and you are the party.

Carli Whitwell, health and beauty editor: Argh! If only this glittery cat eye had made its debut last week, I totally would have rocked it at my birthday party.

Victoria DiPlacido, associate beauty editor:
This looks like it would be painful to remove. Cool, though. 


The surprisingly subdued beauty at Jacquemus

Vanessa Craft, beauty director: After last seasons literal stroke of genius makeup look, this fresh, skin-focused look is a surprise. It feels modern and apt for the sculptural collection though.

Carli Whitwell, health and beauty editor: Bare skin is always a win for lazy girls like me.

Victoria DiPlacido, associate beauty editor: I’m underwhelmed. Last F/W season this show had a trompe l’oeil face situ happening, and now, no-makeup-looking makeup? (To be fair, I think I said I was overwhelmed last season.)


The placement of highlight at Courrèges

Vanessa Craft, beauty director: I love me an inner eye highlight but this stark white feels too minimalist when pared with such bare skin.

Carli Whitwell, health and beauty editor: Highlighter in the corner of my eye = me at the club in university. Definitely bringing it back to my weekend look.

Victoria DiPlacido, associate beauty editor: Fairly certain I can attribute many years of frosting the inner corners of my eyes to a tip from Seventeen magazine in the early ’00s. I like this update, though, it looks modern. 

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