Summer runway looks may have starred flawless skin, but even Eres-wearing beach babes know to lighten up on foundation come spring.

“Tinted moisturizers are great because they tone down redness, hydrate skin and give a healthy glow,” says Ellice Schwab, director of global education administration for Bobbi Brown. “Plus the latest products feature sunscreen-perfect for summer.” She recommends applying tinted moisturizer around the nose first, then blending out toward the edges of the face. “If you have dry skin, start with a regular moisturizer. If you have oily skin, finish with loose powder on the T-zone.” To find the best shade for yourskin tone, draw a swatch of colour on the side of the face, from cheek to jawline. “It’s good to have more than one shade of tinted moisturizer, as skin colour tends to darken during summer,” Schwab says. You can always mix shades in the palm of your hand. “But don’t use one that’s several shades darker than your skin to fake a tan.”