When a one-hairstyle-wonder gets a much-needed upgrade. A chorus of “ooh” and “ahh” erupted in the office today when I walked in. No, that is not the usual greeting I get for showing up to work. Yes, I did love it. The cause of the commotion was thanks to my
new haircut, which is inspired by New York-based model
Freja Beha Erichsen. The ELLE Canada office has been on “Freja Watch” since I decided to get the chic-but-shaggy style six months ago (what can I say, I’m super impulsive ha!). To understand why a haircut could cause such fuss, it’s important to know my hair history. And that history is about as varied as
Kim Kardashian’s career, slim to none. Before now, I’ve never had a discernible hairstyle. I was never picked on for a mom-inflicted bowl cut, nor did I rock an asymmetrical chop during my teenage rebellion phase. No,
my hair has always been long, somewhat wavy and completely forgettable. It was time for a change.