The moment when you realize that your beauty crutch has become crippling. I have a beauty confession: I am an over-blusher.  There, I said it. For some girls, their must-have beauty item is mascara, for others its lip gloss. But blush is to me what eyeliner is to the Duchess of Cambridge: a trusted go-to that I usually take too far. It never occurred to me I was overusing my hero product. Then (in a fairly unflattering photograph), my resemblance to someone from Ringling Brothers was undeniable; I need to rethink my
blushing techniques. Why would someone with my access to expert tips OD on rouge? Simple, I’m not a morning person, and getting 
Miu Miu’s limited-edition spring 2012 handbags. Slim, to none. Every morning (in my pre-caffeine haze), my trusted “wakeup product” is always my blush compact. Mascara is usually credited for giving you a bright-eyed pop, but a flush gives you that rested look more than full lashes. “Blush warms up and livens your overall complexion,” says celebrity makeup artist Amy Duclos. “Finding the right shade and texture can be tricky, it’s easy to overdo it.”