When it comes to eye colour, varying shades of brown tend to be the most common. From deep, rich chocolate hues to light, golden brown, it’s one eye colour that has a huge shade spectrum and works with every hair colour. We round up the best makeup tips from Maddox Lu (Regional Education Manager for Eastern Canada at Benefit) to enhance those brown beauties and
make your brown eyes sparkle.

Opposites attract

When it comes to making your eye colour pop, the safest bet is to always think about the opposite. That means brown eyed-ladies should be opting for a different colour palette than browns. “While it may appear to enhance your eye colour to use the same shade or family in your palette, the effect you are actually achieving is making the eye area monochromatic,” says Lu. “Surrounding your eyes with the ‘matching’ colour will only make your whole eye region appear that colour. Whereas, using the opposite, will actually enhance your eye colour.” Lu’s bets tip when it comes to colour for brown eyes? “Always remember, the colour that sits opposite to the one you are trying to enhance, will be the best choice.”

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Think warm and cool

“Every colour has a warm undertone and a cool undertone,” explains Lu. “The perfect example, a warm brown leans towards an amber/caramel shade, where a cool brown leans more towards a chestnut/hazel shade.” This is key when selecting makeup hues when you’re trying to enhance a certain shade in your eye colour.

Lu’s guide to the perfect colours for brown eyes:


Grey blue, navy, indigo


Forest green, moss, olive


Eggplant, current, lavender

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Get the perfect smoky look for brown eyes on the next page …

0-0-0-best-colours-for-brown-eye.jpgGet the perfect smoky eye

If there’s one look brown-eyed girls can always rock, it’s a smoldering smoky eye. Here’s what you need:

– eye primer
– 2 eyeshadows; a light, and a deep
– black pencil liner
– black mascara

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Step one:

Prime the lid for maximum staying power (try ‘Stay Don’t Stray’ by Benefit Cosmetics). “This eye primer is a unique formula made for use all around the eye and not limited to just the eye-lid. The neutral tint in the primer is perfect for brightening pesky dark circles as well as hiding veins and redness that can be found all around the eyes.”

“Using your finger tips, blend the primer from your lash line all the way up to your brows, and from your bottom lash line just over the under eye area where you may or may not have under eye bags.”

Step two:
“Using a square shaped fluffy brush, apply your ‘deep-tone’ shadow all over the eyelid from lash line up to the crease (eye-socket). Try the Raincheck eyeshadow from Benefit for a cool, mid-tone mauve that’s perfect for brown eyes.”

“Then, using a smaller tipped brush, apply the same colour under the eye as if you were applying eyeliner along your bottom lash line.”

“Using another square shaped fluffy brush, apply and blend your light colour (try Pause For Applause from Benefit) from the eye socket upward onto the brow bone. This step is the perfect opportunity to cheat and correct the first shadow you used if it was blended too high, or if you used too much.”

"Using the same fluffy brush, lightly blend the lighter shade over the application of the darker colour underneath your eyes."


Step three:

“Using your black pencil liner, get right to the root of your eye lashes, and draw a very tight line as close to the base of your eye lashes as you can. Some people will opt to keep this step only on the top lash line, but for a real smoldering smoky eye, line the bottom lashes as well.”

Finish with a generous coat of black mascara and let your brown eyes shine.

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