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Planning a trip to London? Before you start plotting your extensive "cute boys with accents" stalker map route (hint, go to Shoreditch if you like them artsy and with ironic facial hair), please book a day at Hari’s Hair & Beauty. It’s a must-do on any London event list.

I first discovered Hari’s back in 2004, when I popped in for a
hair cut and soon became addicted to the entertaining atmosphere and the slightly snooty service. (I’m a sucker for Brits with BBC accents.) The salon has two locations (one in Chelsea’s tony Brompton Road, the other in the pose-hard Kings Road) and is chock full of socialites, ladies about town and beautiful people gossiping about other beautiful people. That alone is usually enough to keep me happy for the length of a blow out, but what really sets this salon apart is the range of creative, fun and ground-breaking services on offer. I’m not kidding about the creative services – this is the place that brought the Bull Semen hair treatment and Bird Poo facial to the masses. Both of these were tremendously popular, but I never took the plunge.

Instead, here are the best beauty treatments to try:
1. The Bun Bar Sadly, this service doesn’t include baked goods of any kind. It does, however, feature a
range of up-dos inspired by the many
buns seen on the Spring/Summer 2012 catwalks. They also offer tutorials so you can replicate your favourite look at home.
The Golden Strip Wax Waxing is
never pleasant (and anyone who promises a pain free service is lying), but you can make it better by using wax with molten 24 carat gold. Apparently, the gold acts as a natural antiseptic. I can’t vouch for that, but I will say that when I tried this out my legs were left with a pretty shimmering look from the gold leaf. For bragging rights alone, this is worth the exchange rate cost.
3. Nail genius Sophy Robson resides at the Kings Road location Robson is literally, without exaggeration, the leading nail artist in the entire world.
Take a look at her work – if you want nails that cause people to stop you in the street, she’s your girl. Bonus: Hari’s gives you cocktails. Yay, London!

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