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Award season may be a wrap over in Hollywood, but we like to bring out the big guns (and the fancy dresses) in the spring. That’s when ELLE Canada and ELLE Quebec reveal their top beauty products in our annual Beauty Grand Prix awards, featured in our May 2012 issue. For the record, this is no rinky dink survey. We hand the editorial reigns to nearly 975 of our readers, and ask them to review and test out 212 unmarked products from
skin care to makeup to haircare. Once they’ve smushed, blended and spritzed in a month-long product party, we have them tell us which ones were the real standouts. 40 winners emerge from the bunch to appear in the magazine.
Last week we held a glitzy tea party at Le Windsor in Montreal to announce the winners, and today I was
on Canada AM talking about some of my top picks from the group. We receive so many different items at the office (up to 10 a day) that it’s easy to suffer from product fatigue (I know, I know — cue tiny violins). This results in a goldfish level of attention span. ‘Oh, this new eye cream is lovely… Wait! Look, a shiny new eyeshadow! Ahh… here comes the launch of an even
better eye cream! And it has a built in eye shadow!’. You get the picture. So for me, the best thing for me about the Grand Prix is the opportunity to rediscover products through our readers’ eyes. In particular, I love making note of the favourites that that win year after year (like Biotherm Lait de Douche Cleansing Shower Milk ($35) and Tosca Shine Enhancing Shampoo ($19.95) and Detangling Conditioner ($22.95) – two products that are quickly becoming counter classics. One thing that really resonates for people when chatting about the awards is that there are great products out there at all price points. Winners this year include Chanel and Guerlain as well as Eucerin and Fruits and Passions. Much like fashion is all about the high-low mix of designer gear and high street style, you can treat your beauty regimen the same way, mixing it up between really luxury products and
cheap and cheerful drugstore buys. Pick up the new May issue of ELLE Canada to discover all the winners.

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