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0cute-polish-beauty-guru-nailsAn assortment of amazing nail art designs. Photo courtesy of cutepolish.

We all need our beauty fix, whether it’s through an article in a magazine, blog posting or even a Youtube video. When your need to watch overpowers your desire to read, welcome in the Youtube beauty guru–a growing internet trend that has us spending countless hours in front of the monitor. We’re learning the
newest beauty trends, products and fashion tips straight from the average girl who just so happens to have a huge Youtube following. In celebration of their evolving popularity, we’ve curated a list of our top 6 Youtube beauty gurus you will be addicted to in no time, starting with a
nail polish expert you’re guaranteed to fall in love with.
Beauty guru: cutepolish
Youtube channel: cutepolish
Subscribers: 1.4 million Cutepolish is THE channel to visit for everything nails, from fun and kitschy
nail art to chic and simple traditional designs. Cutepolish also gives her best tips and tricks on
nail tools and products we don’t know how we managed to live without. (Her video on how to remove glitter polish is an absolute gem.)
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michelle-phan-youtube-beauty-guruPhoto courtesy of MichellePhan.

Beauty guru: Michelle Phan
Youtube channel: MichellePhan
Subscribers: 4.8 million One of the most popular beauty gurus on the net, Michelle’s videos range from style tips to celebrity makeup lessons based on what’s trending in the world of fashion and beauty. Sit back, relax and enjoy while Michelle shows you how to walk in
high heels, choose the best glasses for your face shape and even recreate
Cara Delevingne‘s signature makeup look.

0Bethany-Mota-youtube-beauty-gurusPhoto courtesy of macbarbie07.

Beauty guru: Bethany Mota Youtube channel: macbarbie07 Subscribers: 3.3 million

Bethany’s well-produced videos feature a preppy girl obsessed with the latest fashion and beauty trends (plus everything in between). If you’re looking for clothing hauls, beauty tips, home decor or even healthy food advice, this is the channel for you. Our current obsession is Bethany’s
travel beauty essentials video. (Your go-to hair, makeup, and airplane style guide to watch before any trip).

Photo courtesy of MissGlamorazzi.

Beauty guru: Ingrid Nilsen
Youtube channel: MissGlamorazzi
Subscribers: 1.82 million If you’re into
fashion week updates, a haul from IMATS or even
healthy super food recipes, MissGlamorazzi is your channel. Ingrid Nilsen is the star of the MissGlamorazzi, giving viewers what they ask for with makeup storage ideas, beauty product reviews and her best fashion tips. Her sweet and bubbly personality will have you clicking subscribe before the first video is over.

dulce-youtube-beauty-guruPhoto courtesy of Dulce Candy.

Beauty guru: Dulce Candy
Youtube channel: Dulce Candy
Subscribers: 1.2 million Head on over to Dulce Candy for all of your basic fashion and beauty needs. We’re talking simple tips and tricks for organizing your closet, creating a
skin care routine and styling big
red carpet curls. This is a channel you will be visiting every morning on your commute to the office for ways to make life easier.

0kayla-lashae-youtube-beauty-guruPhoto courtesy of akaydoll.

Beauty guru: Kayla Lashae
Youtube channel: akaydoll
Subscribers: 137,009 Dying to know what’s new in the world of fashion and beauty? Kayla Lashae has it all on her rising Youtube channel. Everything from high end names (think a review of an Alexander Wang bag) to basic drugstore brands (Bath and Body Works galore) is housed on this perky, fun and informative channel. Kayla is even known to delve into the realm of health and relationships to teach you how to
live happily ever after.
OVER TO YOU Do you watch beauty gurus on Youtube? Who’s you fab Youtube beauty guru? Do you have a Youtube channel?

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