0cute-polish-beauty-guru-nailsAn assortment of amazing nail art designs. Photo courtesy of cutepolish.

We all need our beauty fix, whether it’s through an article in a magazine, blog posting or even a Youtube video. When your need to watch overpowers your desire to read, welcome in the Youtube beauty guru–a growing internet trend that has us spending countless hours in front of the monitor. We’re learning the
newest beauty trends, products and fashion tips straight from the average girl who just so happens to have a huge Youtube following. In celebration of their evolving popularity, we’ve curated a list of our top 6 Youtube beauty gurus you will be addicted to in no time, starting with a
nail polish expert you’re guaranteed to fall in love with.
Beauty guru: cutepolish
Youtube channel: cutepolish
Subscribers: 1.4 million Cutepolish is THE channel to visit for everything nails, from fun and kitschy
nail art to chic and simple traditional designs. Cutepolish also gives her best tips and tricks on
nail tools and products we don’t know how we managed to live without. (Her video on how to remove glitter polish is an absolute gem.)
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