The 3 beauty products stopping my skin from falling off this winter

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Image courtesy of IMAXtree. Joan Smalls’ face at Tom Ford, courtesy of her impressive gene pool. I’ve accepted my fate. This is how life is now. We live in a snowball. The unrelenting winter wind, snow and subzero temperatures may have crushed my soul, but my skin remains intact. Here are the three beauty products that are saving my skin.
creme-de-corps-125ml There is no greater sorrow than peeling off your tights at the end of a long day spent trudging through ice storms and dodging sneezes on public transport only to discover the skin on your legs has somehow morphed into that of a shedding gecko. I hide my reptilian shame by using Kiehl’s brilliant—and iconic—
Crème de Corps ($38 for 250ml), one of the best moisturizers around. It’s unscented, so it doesn’t compete with your liberal dousing of Tom Ford/Chanel les Exclusifs/Hermes/Exclamation perfume (delete as appropriate) and contains cocoa butter, antioxidants and sesame oil. Use it for a week and you won’t believe the difference in your skin.
TFB_CREAM_CLNSR I try not to let
my obsession for anything Tom Ford stamps his name on to cloud my judgment but WHO AM I KIDDING, HE RULES MY WORLD. I’ve been using the rich, hydrating
Purifying Creme Cleanser
($70) which detoxifies as it cleans and can be rinsed or tissued off depending on how gentle you need to be with your skin. Yes. I’m advocating a $70 face cleanser. #kanyeshrugg  
Moisture-Surge-Intense-Skin-Fortifying-Hydrator-Icon---INTLMuch in the way I can’t stop my mouth from saying the words "creamy lobster risotto please!" if I spy my food nemesis on a restaurant menu, I just can’t quit this amazing facial moisturizer.
Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator ($59 for 75mL) consistently fixes my face when I do anything overzealously, such as apply retinol too often, step outside for more than 40 seconds in the winter, watch
True Detective, etc. It has a gel-cream texture and never fails to leave my skin soft, hydrated and happy.  
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