The #1 way to treat a sunburn this summer

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The mercury is above 30 degrees, the beach is packed with super-
cute swimsuits, and, by the pool, drinks with mini umbrellas sit near every lounge chair. This can only mean one thing: S
unburn season is here! We can’t emphasize how important suncare is for
glowing skin (not to mention your overall health), but sometimes accidents happen. If you find yourself with a pesky sunburn this season, follow this six-step regimen from David Allan Jones (makeup and hair artist for Page One Management in Toronto) and you’ll banish that sunburn in favour of
celebrity-worthy skin before summer’s end. (Bonus: We’re using
all-natural ingredients to take the sting out of your burn this year.)
Read how to treat your sunburn in six natural steps after the jump…

Sunburn remedy #1: Coconut oil "
Coconut oil is a very good natural sun-protection remedy and colour booster. If you burn, follow with coconut oil all over your skin and reapply as needed during the day," recommends Jones.
Sunburn remedy #2: Aloe vera "If you do burn, aloe-vera gel is a tried-and-true cure for burns. Even better would be whole aloe-vera leaves opened up and layered over your burn. Fresh aloe vera cannot be beat!" says Jones.
Sunburn remedy #3: Vitamin C and good fats "To aid in the repair of your skin from the inside out, try taking up to four grams of vitamin C divided into four doses throughout the day. Vitamin C is essential to the forming of collagen, and collagen is what makes your skin soft and elastic," adds Jones. "Also, eat lots of good fats, like avocados or salmon, for
glowing skin."
Sunburn remedy #4:
A cold bath "Cold thermogenesis (a cold bath), can cool the body and speed up the healing process as well. I wouldn’t recommend ice baths unless you have experience with them or have a health professional to assist you, but a 20-minute cool or cold bath will help
hydrate your skin and make you more comfortable," says Jones.
Sunburn remedy #5: Walnut oil "Walnut oil is known to help prolong the colour of your tan, although some of that could be staining from the dark colouring of the walnut oil for a
bronze glow," says Jones.
Sunburn remedy #6: Water Lastly, keeping your body hydrated during a heat wave helps your skin maintain its elasticity, tone and ability to heal. "Drink lots of water all day long. That means at least two litres a day until the burn is healed," says Jones. Use one or all of these
natural skincare remedies to treat your sunburn for healthy, glowing skin, just in time for the long weekend!
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