I have a slight obsession with
nail polish … ok, maybe it’s more than a slight obsession. It might be a big obsession, as in I have a shelf in my linen/beauty closet at home dedicated just to nail polish, polish removers, nail files, buffers and such — all lined up like pretty little gems. At last count (a couple of weeks ago) I had 77 bottles of polish in a multitude of shades ranging from girlie pink, greys (love a grey nail), bright blues and hot corals (my
summer go-to shades), minty greens, deep red, purple and navy, shimmery finishes, matte finishes, ultra-shiny … and I’m not counting my base and top coats. They’re in their own category,
obviously. That was the final count after I dug out about 25 bottles to give away. Like I said … a slight obsession.