Summer hairstyles: Embrace your natural texture!

May 25 2011 by
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This summer I’m taking a new approach to my hair. I’m going to work with my natural texture instead of against it. That means I’m going to accept my
natural, imperfect waves instead of forcing them into curls or a sleek straight ‘do. My main reasons for doing this?
1. I’m tired of spending
way too much time on my hair in the morning – I’d rather some more shut eye minutes!
2. I want to give my over-processed hair a break from styling and products. Jorge Joao,
Redken Artist and stylist at
KOI Hair Studio also got me hooked on this idea. “It’s huge right now to embrace your natural texture,” he insists. “Use very minimal product and it means less maintenance. The humidity can be our biggest enemy, so take advantage your own texture and use what you have. The less work and artificial tools you use, the better your hair will look.” Hmm, ok, so I asked Jorge to give me a cute example of how to do something fun and simple to your hair, without all the product and styling, and we came up with this look from the Charlotte Ronson runway. Here are the simple ways to get this look if you’re letting your natural texture shine through. Seriously, it’s only two steps!

Step 1.
In morning,
embrace your texture by just hitting your hair with blow dryer and paddle brush after shampooing. Use
Redken’s Fabricate 03 as a texture spray both before and after blow-drying to create texture. It will help position your hair into place, and give it a gritty feeling.
Step 2. Rub a bit of
Redken’s Structure Wax 17 in your fingers and grab random pieces of hair to create little braids throughout the hair. You can put them around the face, or where ever you’d like. You don’t even need a rubber band because the wax and texture spray will help hold it in place. “The effect we’re looking for is a ‘halo’ of hair around in the head. Got that hazy feel, lived-in hair look,” explains Jorge.
From day to night You can put in more braids, or create one big braid in the back and twirl the braid into a bun. You’ll keep that natural texture, but you have the detail and texture of the braid. A super easy and chic updo! At the end of the day it’s not fighting with your hair … something we could all use a little less of in our lives, I think!
Are you ready to embrace your natural texture?

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