We’ve asked three industry experts for their tried, tested and true tips to gorgeous summer hair (even with all that wind, heat and oh-so-hated humidity).

I’m on a seemingly never-ending quest for my
ideal hair all year long, but come summer, even more so. Summer is the time I want to test out new styles, colours, cuts. I want it straight,
curly, wavy, pinned back, braided and swept up (and each of those styles in a week, please), but more importantly I want it all without frizz, flyaways and the dreaded
damaged ends. In my search for the
perfect summer hair, I asked three pros to give me their best tips for summer hair protection. Trust me, these are rules that your hair should live by:

Sabrina Michals, Director of Styling Education at Bumble and bumble:
Tip 1: To protect hair against the drying effects of chlorine and salt water, wet hair with fresh water before entering the pool or ocean then apply a leave-in conditioner. Think of hair as a sponge – if it is already wet, it won’t be able to absorb as much water once you dive in. The leave-in conditioner locks in moisture and provides an extra layer of protection.
Bumble and bumble Mending Complex is a great option, as it not only protects hair but repairs damage from chemical treatments and color processes.
Tip 2: Using a silicone product when styling hair will help fight frizz brought on by humid summers and will also seal the hair shaft to protect against the drying effects of wind. Apply a few drops of
Bumble and bumble Defrizz to damp hair then style as you normally would.
Tip 3: Hair tends to get oilier faster in the summer due to the warm weather, which leads many people to shampoo more frequently. However, this can strip hair of its natural moisture. To absorb excess oil without having to wash, try a dry shampoo like
Bumble and bumble Hair Powder.
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