We love the sun and the heat, but unfortunately, the sun and heat don’t have any love for our makeup. We spend our mornings carefully applying foundation, dusting on blush and delicately lining our lashes with mascara. By afternoon, the sun’s heat diminishes our hard summer beauty work to a disastrous cosmetic mess. What’s a girl to do? We quizzed two makeup experts—Adi Lando, Sephora PRO Lead and Derek Selby, Cover FX International Artistry Director—for helpful tips on hot weather makeup (you can thank us later).

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Makeup tips: Prep your face
The trick for achieving long lasting, flawless hot weather makeup is to begin from the ground up for maximum hold. “Start by cleansing the skin to get rid of excess oil and follow with an oil-free moisturizer and sunscreen. Setting powders and spray will help you to keep from getting shiny,” Lando says. Next, you’re ready for a primer to help summer beauty stick—and stay—for your weekend trips to the beach and gym. “Apply a matte primer (try Cover FX Mattifying Primer) before any makeup to prepare the skin and start with a matte finish. This will also help absorb any excess oil throughout the day,” says Selby.

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Makeup tips: Go waterproof to combat shine
“Make sure your primer, foundation, concealer and mascara are water-resistant—they are developed to stay on in hot, humid conditions,” says Selby. Use these waterproof products to enjoy a dip in the pool or fun in the sun so you don’t have to worry about smearing. “Apply simple and comfortable makeup that feels light and looks fresh. Use a product that is designed for hot and humid weather,” says Lando. It’s also key to pack a few essentials so you can do a quick touch up after lunch to maintain an immaculate complexion. (Try Urban Decay’s Chill Makeup Setting Spray to keep makeup from smudging and creasing—the formula actually cools the skin surface to keep you looking flawless).

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hot-weather-makeup-00002.jpgMakeup tips: The best products for your skin type
What should you avoid when it comes to hot weather makeup? “Using a skin care product that is not suitable for your skin type, or wearing a foundation that is too heavy for the summer months,” says Lando. Try not to cake on the layers (the heat will only exacerbate unsightly lines and clumps) and don’t forget to use hydrating products to fight the drying effects of the sun. “Don’t use heavy products or those that contain oil. Don’t use dewy textured products and avoid shimmer or glitter,” says Selby. This will stop shine and grease in their tricks to give your makeup regime a clean, fresh finish.


Makeup tips: Become friends with multi-use products
To prevent heavy layering and sludgy build up, look for multi-purpose makeup products and formulas you can use on more than one facial feature. “Sephora’s Skin Perfect CC Cream is a light weight, one-step product that will correct, prime, hydrate and minimize pores. It’s good for all skin types and will protect you with sunscreen,” says Lando when it comes to the best products for hot weather makeup. “You can also mix concealer and primer together for a matte-tinted moisturizer. Apply with your fingers for light, sheer application,” says Selby. To beat the heat and avoid a sticky situation, Lando recommends throwing a few blotting towels in your beach bag to wipe away any surplus shine (try Sephora Collection Blotting Papers).

With these hot weather makeup tips in your back pocket, you’re guaranteed to maintain a pretty, flawless complexion (trust us, you’ll be glad you did). We leave you with Lando’s most tried and true tip for hot weather makeup: remember—less is more!

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