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Christopher Kane’s gorgeous spring blush. Image courtesy of ImaxTree.com.

If there’s one thing you cross off your spring beauty checklist, it should be a gorgeous flush. This season, cheeks should be rosy, fresh and youthful. The
runways were filled with softly blushed cheeks at Christopher Kane, Mabile, and Giles Deacon, and dramatic takes at Anna Sui, Braganza and Philosophy. But before you sweep on that electric shade of hot pink, read on for our tips from
M.A.C Senior Artist Caitlin Callahan, on
blush dos and don’ts this season.
DO think natural Picking a shade that will give you a true flush isn’t as hard as you think. “Clear (no brown) toned blushes in pinks, peaches, plums are to recreate a natural blush in the skin. Next time you blush, check out the colour that occurs naturally,” says Callahan. She also suggests choosing a cream rather than a powder, to create the most natural looking blush.
DO go bright So, hot pink isn’t usually a shade in your beauty repertoire? Time to add it in. Those neon and fluorescent coloured blushes don’t dust on in the same saturation. I used to be wary of those startling vibrant hues, but now a bright pink cream blush is my go-to. Start light with just a hint of colour to the apples of your cheeks, and you’ll be surprised at how sheer it can be, and what a pop of colour will do for your skin tone.

DON’T go to heavy When it comes to a healthy glow, less is more. Start with a very light dusting, or a tiny dab of cream blush. You can always blend in more for an intense look. At the end of the day, you want your
blush to look natural, not cakey.
DO try different hues Finding that killer blush that suits you perfectly is like finding a hairdresser who transforms your hair – it’s not easy. So don’t be afraid to try out different colours and shades to find the one. “Unexpected colours like yellows, ochres and lavenders make unexpected but gorgeous blushes,” says Callahan. “Keep them on the apple for a natural look or sculpt underneath for a more edgy look.”

Anna Sui’s take on spring blush. Image courtesy of ImaxTree.com.

DON’T opt for crazy placement Anna Sui’s corner blush, Philosophy’s eye-grazing blush and Braganza’s streaks all take an
artistic approach to a hot flush, but it’s best left for the runways in those extremes. “A more natural way to adopt this trend is choosing a peachy/bronzy colour (M.A.C’s Dainty Mineralize Blush is great) and applying under the cheekbone and up into the temple.” Unless you’re looking to make a dramatic entrance, a soft flush on the apples of your cheeks blended into your temples will be your most natural and flawless look.
What’s your favourite blush?

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