The biggest office sin (besides sleeping with a co-worker/boss/mail boy) used to be showing up for a morning meeting looking trashed after a late night out. But considering the
wine-stained lips at Prabal Gurung, smudged liner at Moschino and knotted (slept-in) braid at Michael Kors, it looks like the post-party-disaster look isn’t just for Lindsay Lohan. We take a closer look at these party-hardy spring beauty looks and breakdown how you can turn your painful morning into a classy statement. Cheers!

Spring beauty: Wine stained lips

As seen at:
Prabal Gurung

This season, the statement lip encouraged us to indulge in a second glass of Merlot. “It is an orchid bursting from within,” said makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, of the dramatic pink-to-black lip. While we assume she is talking about the orchid flower (and not the rare black Orchid vintage wine) inspired Tilbury, we decide to pour ourselves a goblet of vino to create this half-drunk statement mouth.

Get the look: To create the wine-stained lip (without getting tipsy), Tilbury recommends using a blunt-tipped lip liner to slightly overdraw the shape of your mouth and create a “just-kissed shape.” To create the Prabal Gurung lip, Tilbury used M.A.C Pro Process Magenta Chromographic Pencil then mixed M.A.C Pro Lipmix in Black, Burgundy and Fuschia to add intensity and impact by blending dark colours from the inside of the mouth outwards. For a more subtle stain, blend a raisin or berry hue into a bright pink.

Spring beauty:
Last night’s eyeliner

As seen at:
Moschino Cheap & Chic

We all rely on our
super-long wear eyeliner to get us through a night out, but the morning after, the slightly smudged liner (seriously, that stuff never wears off), can clash with your Smythe blazer. International makeup artist Tom Pecheux changes that perception with the smudged yet smoldering eye at Moschino Cheap & Chic. “Its Frida Khalo travelling to Mexico, Spain, Santa Fe and meeting Helmut Newton,” says Pecheux of the smoky makeup style.

To find out how to get last night’s liner and a slept-in braid, read on to the next page…


Get the look:
Start by applying a khol liner along your lashline and into your waterline. Use a thin eye shadow brush to slightly diffuse the line outwards. No need for surgery-steady hands, the idea is to create a soft, “imperfect” shape. Take a dark grey or carbon eye shadow to press the powder into your lash line and set the liner. Diffuse the eye shadow colour outwards using a soft eye shadow brush. Finish the look with a thick coat of mascara on both the upper and lower lashes.

Makeup hangover tip: Slept in hair
As seen at: Michael Kors
This season the knotted-undone hair styles at Shanon Wauchob, Vera Wang and Christopher Kane had us reconsidering our first-thing-in-the-morning hair style (especially after seeing Richard Nicoll’s falling out ponytail on the runway). but our ultimate undone hair style is undoubtedly the messy plaits at Michael Kors. Models may have had woven leather shoelaces through their braids for added texture, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t swap in a brightly coloured cocktail straw. We are all for creativity!

Get the look: Begin by parting your hair down the centre of your head and brushing hair backwards toward the nape of your neck. Divide your hair into two sections, holding one piece in either hand. Take a small portion from the outside of one section and pull it across to the opposite section of hair. Repeat this step, alternating sides, until your braid is complete. Secure your hair with an elastic band, before weaving in any additional add-ons. For the finishing touch, Schwarzkopf Professional hair stylists dusted the entire braid with dry shampoo and teased a few strands of hair to create texture. For added volume, length (or general awesomeness) clip in a few hair extensions before beginning your braid.

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