Spring beauty how-to: Rosy, bronzed skin

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I adored the super rosy, bronzed glow at the
Michael Kors Spring/Summer runway. The heavy blush and fresh skin has me dreaming of summer beach days already and I was dying to know how to apply the colour without going overboard. So, I chatted with
M.A.C Senior Artist, Caitlin Callahan, to learn how to recreate this glowing spring beauty look.

The look: Michael Kors’ summer girls. "This is a perfect look for spring — easy, youthful and glowing!" says Caitlin.
Caitlin’s tips: Step 1: Foundation You’ll need to start with
flawless skin. Caitlin recommends one that gives a natural finish, but still covers well to hide any imperfections (M.A.C Studio Sculpt Foundation is a great example). "Don’t go lighter or darker than your skin tone," Caitlin warns. "Choose a colour that matches you exactly, then apply starting in the center of the face and blend out. This gives a flawless yet perfected look."
Step 2: Softly apply bronzer "If you want a bit more colour, softly (softly, I said!) add a golden bronzer to frame your face." says Caitlin. "Mineral bronzers are the most sheer. M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish/Natural in Give Me Sun! is a fab option. It doesn’t have the sparkle that other bronzers have, so the look is more natural. For a bit more glow under the eyes, add concealer and set with a translucent powder."

Step 3: Emphasize the brows
Groomed brows are essential to this look. "If you have a full brow, leave it. Comb through with a brow gel or wax to groom, but no colour is necessary (M.A.C Clear Brow Set rocks!)," says Caitlin. "If you need a bit of filling in, add a soft, natural pencil."
Step 4: Enhance the eyes (minus the mascara!) "Eyes are softly rimmed in brown pencil," says Caitlin. Add a little in the water line for a more defined look. "No mascara! I know…but if you must, try a soft brown."
Step 5: Add the glow Caitlin recommends skipping the
powder blush and opting for a cream one like M.A.C Ladyblush. "Powders will look too dry. If you’re very oily, try a mineral powder blush. Blend on the apple with a paddle brush the feather out to the hairline," she says.
Step 6: Add pink to the lips "With your leftover cream blush on your brush, tap the colour into your lips," instructs Caitlin. "If it’s too pink, add a tiny bit of your foundation to soften the colour. If it’s too light, a soft creamy lipstick (M.A.C Lipstick in Gotta Dash will work well.)" Add some
beachy hair (fun waves and tied in a loose side bun) and you’re good to go! Check out the gallery of product recommendations below.
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