While mood boards and dessert tables make a pretty solid case for enjoying beautiful things in excess, we’re paring down to absolute essentials this season—at least when it comes to skin care. To help discern which winter beauty products to leave behind with the chilly temperature, we consulted Dr. Nowell Solish, a Toronto-based cosmetic dermatologist and co-director of Dermatologic Surgery at University of Toronto, for his skin care spring-cleaning expert advice.

Skin care cleanse: Creamy cleansers and rich moisturizers

Thanks to months of a harsh winter climate, followed by blasts of indoor heat—and emollient creams made to withstand either—your face has built up a pretty thick skin this season. “Skin gets irritated during the winter months, so to adapt, you must be more gentle with your anti-aging routine,” says Solish. “It’s easy to aggravate.“

The good news about an
overprotective skin care routine during winter months, other than a soft complexion? “Because skin has been exposed to dry conditions, it can tolerate more drastic treatments,” says Solish, referring to exfoliants and chemical peels that are ready to buff away winter skin.

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Skin care cleanse: Separate day and night creams

This season, choose skin care products that have round-the-clock properties. “The differences between a day and night cream tend to be subtle,” says Solish, which means doubling up on your daytime moisturizer after-hours frees up the time and cash to add a second, more targeted product to your regimen. “Keep it simple with two products a day,” says Solish, who also suggests applying a face cream on the eyes as a budget-friendly solution.

Beauty trend report spring 2013: Glowing, ethereal skin

For your best day and night hybrid skin care product, plus spring-cleanse solutions for dry skin, read on to the next page…
Chloe-bks-A-RS13-4958canvas.jpgAs Solish explains, it’s not about the vastness of your skin care routine but how well you use those
select few products. To maximize the benefits of those skin-healing peptides in your favourite moisturizer, focus on prepping skin for better absorption: after washing face, quickly pat dry and apply moisturizer to damp skin. This helps trap water in the epidermis for skin-deep moisturizing.

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Skin care cleanse: Anti-aging and problem skin-targeted products

Let’s face it: we’ve been hibernating all winter. Along with shedding additional layers when the warmer weather hits, it’s time to peel back dry,
winter-dulled skin.

And lightening up on the mix of dense moisturizers and
correcting creams may help prevent the rise in skin conditions that can spring with the seasonal shift. “People may notice they’re breaking out with acne with the use of
very rich moisturizers in warmer temperature,” says Solish, who cites the peak in skin treatments this time of year — from chemical peels to intense pulsed light therapy—for those who to want to jumpstart their
spring glow.

Start the season on a glowing and well-hydrated note by removing the excess of your winter skin care routine. “Judge your skin,” says Solish. “And move to a lighter moisturizer.” Look for double-duty products that continue to soothe and protect skin against the elements, while promoting the youthful radiance of an anti-wrinkle cream.

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