We tend to think of skin aging as a genetic inevitability, but while your family tree partly accounts for your skin’s current state, 80 percent of the damage is actually a result of environmental pollution and aggressors—which means you can actually do something about it.

Think of Yves Rocher as your first line of defence when it comes to detoxifying. For 60 years, researchers at the French brand’s laboratories have been studying extraordinary plants, zeroing in on their natural mechanisms and using what they learn to inform product formulations. The benefits of this unique, ingredient-first approach are twofold: By harnessing the innate power of plants, they’re able to pass along the plants’ ability to protect against age accelerators and they’re also developing sustainably made products that work in harmony with the environment.

Your daily detox starts with Elixir Jeunesse, a skincare line from Yves Rocher that gets its glow-boosting qualities from a plant called Aphloia. Found in the high plateaus of Madagascar, Aphloia was selected for its exceptional ability to regenerate itself. Growing in intense conditions, this resilient plant actually renews its own bark, and it also has a molecule within its leaves that protects it from environmental aggressors. The super-concentrated, responsibly sourced Aphloia extract found in the Elixir Jeunesse line provides similar benefits for our skin: Oxidizing offenders are kept out and our natural barrier function is repaired from the inside. When this powerful extract is combined with a formula that’s more than 90 percent natural ingredients, the appearance of dullness, fine lines and wrinkles is dramatically decreased.

Since our hair is subject to the same slew of environmental assailants (tobacco, polluted rain, microparticles and exhaust, among others), Yves Rocher applied a similar kind of detoxifying technology to their Anti-Pollution Capillary haircare line. It includes two star plant ingredients to ensure that you’re covered from scalp to ends: Moringa seeds have a purifying action on the hair, eliminating pollutant residue on contact, while agave fructans, in combination with scalp massage, stimulate microcirculation to generate stronger, healthier hair.