David Beckham is entering into the men’s grooming game with House 99, a new haircare, skincare and grooming line for men developed with L’Oréal Luxe. 

“For a while, I’ve been thinking about developing a grooming range,” said Beckham in a statement about the two-year undertaking. “It wasn’t until I started speaking with the L’Oréal team that it all came together.” (Beckham was previously the face of Biotherm Homme, a L’Oréal brand. You may recall this campaign.)  

“Our goal was to create a men’s grooming range that provides the tools to experiment and create whatever look [you’re] going for,” he says. 


Shape Cut Shaving Stick  Image by: House 99

Beckham’s less-than-ten-minute grooming routine consists of the Polish Up Body & Hair Wash and Greater Look Face Moisturizer, followed by Smooth Back Shaping Pomade, a hair styling product. “On days that I shave, I’ll use Sharp Cut Shaving Stick.”

The line would be incomplete without some sort of tattoo care—he has upwards of 40, including the number “99”—and features a tattoo body moisturizer called Bold Statement. 

Beckham named the brand House 99, after the desire to build “an inclusive family-like community for the brand,” and because 1999 was a particularly great year for the former professional soccer star.

“It was a critical year for me,” he says. “A lot changed in my life that year. I got married. Manchester United won the treble, and my eldest son Brooklyn was born.”

The line will debut in the U.K. this February, and be available in Canada as of March.