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Do you see an increase in breakouts when the seasons change? Amanda Lindsay, skin therapist with Dermalogica, says this reaction is very typical. “All of a sudden the weather changes, it’s warmer, less wind, the heating at home and at work is still on, and you may still be on the same routine you’ve been following all winter – so there are many factors to consider,” says Lindsay. “This extra humidity can increase oil production which in turn can cause breakouts. It can also decrease your hydration levels which will get your oil glands working overtime to compensate – again causing more congestion (breakouts) on the skin.” To help prevent this from happening, Lindsay suggests switching from a cream cleanser to a gel cleanser, and using a lighter moisturizer. “Best advice is to make an appointment with your Skin Therapist to get a Face Map to reassess your daily routine,” she recommends. READ MORE Lust list: May’s hottest beauty buys  6 new fragrances to try this summer  The products ELLE Canada’s beauty team can’t live without