Cleansing is arguably the most important step in your skincare routine. Removing impurities and pollution properly will give you the best results from your routine. Bioderma, a pioneering brand in dermatological care, takes this essential step seriously. Its ecobiological approach to biome-preserving skincare has resulted in a range of highly regarded makeup removers enhanced with micellar technology. You know how the cleansing step can sometimes strip the skin too much? Not here. Bioderma’s no-rinse formulas are focused on suffusing the surface of your skin with active ingredients that suit your specific skin type. With three distinct product options each adorned with a different-coloured cap for easy recognition—there’s an effective solution aimed at every issue. Read on as we break down the best makeup-remover solution for your unique skin.

Best for sensitive skin


The cleansing step can be a tricky one for those with sensitive skin. You need a product that oh so gently purifies your skin while respecting (and preserving) its delicate balance. Sensibio is the easy answer. Embracing a less-is-more approach, it’s formulated with cucumber-fruit extract and zero fragrance. Just a few swipes of Sensibio eliminates 99 percent of makeup and 78 percent of heavy metals from the skin, soothing it into a calm, comfortable state.

Sensibio H2O 500ml 

Price: $23.99


Best for dehydrated skin


Dehydrated skin is the perfect match for Hydrabio. Along with super-moisturizing niacinamide and softness-imbuing apple-seed extract, its patented Aquagenium complex targets skin lipids and aquaporins to keep hydration at a balanced level. The results are unmistakable: Skin immediately feels softer and thoroughly cleansed, and participants in a study reported a 25-percent increase in its hydration after eight hours.

Hydrabio H2O 500ml 

Price: $23.99


Best for combination to oily skin


If you’re working with combination to oily skin, the right makeup remover will leave a covetable fresh-face feeling in its wake. Bioderma’s Sébium H2O Micellar Water gets it right every time. Developed with purifying ingredients like zinc gluconate and copper sulphate, this instant formula gently cleanses and limits sebum production while never drying out the skin. Trust us, it’s the most balanced your face will ever feel.

Sebium H2O 500 ml

Price: $23.99