Fortune tellers have crystal balls; industry insiders have VivaTech. The buzzy conference, held yearly in Paris, is often where the latest and greatest innovations in pretty much every field imaginable (health, energy, telecom—you name it) are unveiled. That applies to beauty too. So we headed to the City of Light, slipped on our passes and got a sneak peek at what’s next in skincare, makeup and more. Put it this way: We might not have flying cars yet, but our beauty routines are about to get seriously high-tech.

Beauty for All

Meet Hapta by Lancôme, the world’s first hand-held computerized makeup applicator. It was devised for those experiencing hand-motion challenges due to things like arthritis, tremors, Huntington’s disease or stroke-related issues. The device uses stabilizing technology to assist anyone with limited grip strength or wrist mobility as well as those who have trouble raising their arms. How great is that? Here’s how it works: Advanced sensors keep the tool level, constantly adjusting to the user’s position and counteracting any unintentional movement, while the ergonomic design—think a super-easy-to-hold handle—was created with people who have arm-, hand- or wrist-related conditions in mind. It makes putting on lipstick and mascara easier than ever. Just plug in your preferred product and enjoy a flawless application.



Knowledge is Power

Are your cheeks feeling dry because they’re lacking water or oil? Are your strands rough to the touch because they need protein or emollients? Cutting-edge devices will soon give you all the answers, providing an in-depth look at your skin and hair and taking the guesswork out of picking products. Giorgio Armani’s Meta Profiler, comprising a real-time hydration sensor and an algorithm built on over 100,000 skin captures, measures 13 markers, including wrinkles, dark spots and redness. It features 18 analytical LEDs and even a 3-D mode for assessing smooth- ness and texture. All it takes is a few minutes at an Armani counter and you’ll find out everything that’s going on with your skin. Then there’s Kérastase’s K-Scan, a smartcamera that provides hairstylists with a deeper understanding of their clients’ hair and scalp. The tool takes microscopic pictures of both, and then the images are evaluated via AI-powered analysis so your pro knows exactly which products and in-salon treatments are best for you.

Virtual Assistance

Picture the scene: You’re working from home in your pyjamas, hair unbrushed and dark circles down to your cheekbones, when a calendar alert pops up on your screen, reminding you of a video call you’d completely forgotten about. Oh, and it starts in five minutes! Been there before? Same. Not to worry, though; the Maybelline Beauty App for Microsoft Teams has got your back. Consider it your own personal makeup artist. It allows you to choose between 12 virtual looks, from subtle and natural to bold and playful. They were developed in collaboration with the Geena Davis Institute, which examines intersectional onscreen representation, to ensure they would suit a broad range of users. All you have to do is launch Teams, go to Video Effects, click the Maybelline tab and start trying on looks. Select your favourite and join the meeting. It’s that simple and still gives you ample time to run a comb through your hair and change your shirt.

Maybelline Beauty App

Maybelline Beauty AppL’Oréal Paris


In the near future, next-gen gadgets will allow you to benefit from expert assistance from the comfort of your own bathroom. Take, for example, the L’Oréal Paris Colorsonic, a first-of-its-kind device that’s about to make colouring your hair at home totally foolproof. Nine years in the making, the revolutionary tool perfectly mixes your colour and then practically applies it for you. The brush moves 300 times per minute to evenly distribute the dye, saturating every strand and getting right into the roots, even in those hard-to-reach areas, like the back of your head. The smart bristles adjust their speed to deposit exactly the right amount needed for your hair type. Even better, the formula is packed with hydrating and shine-boosting ingredients and contains zero ammonia, silicones, parabens and phthalates. Just pick your shade, pop in the cartridge and start brushing your hair. The Colorsonic will take care of the rest.

L’Oréal Paris Colorsonic

L’Oréal Paris ColorsonicL’Oréal Paris

Green Light

When we consider the future, it’s essential to take into account ways to reduce our impact on the environment. That’s where the L’Oréal Professionnel Water Saver comes in. It’s a shower head that divides the flow of water to create 10-times-smaller droplets, which are then delivered at an accelerated speed for faster and more effective rinsing. This cuts down water use by a whopping 60 percent. It gets even better: Thanks to a patented approach called “Cloud Cleansing,” micronized hair-care formulas specifically made for the Water Saver are infused directly into the water stream for better product distribution and absorption. The technology is already rolling out globally and is expected to be in 10,000 salons worldwide in the next few years. And great news: An at-home version is currently in the works.

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