Dull complexion, fatigued skin, drab pigmentation…is your skin in need of a boost? VICHY’S LIFTACTIV PEPTIDE-C ANTI-AGING AMPOULES is an unparalleled way of illuminating the complexion and countering the signs of aging – and it comes in cool, modern and practical packaging. Let’s dive into the unique powers of these innovative bulbs.


In addition to mineralizing thermal water, Liftactiv vials – or ampoules – contain 10 percent pure vitamin C as well as peptides and natural hyaluronic acid. This generous concentration of proven active ingredients guarantees a high level of effectiveness against wrinkles and sagging. Your face will be instantly illuminated, lifted and smoothed.


The vials contain 10 ingredients – that’s it! They’re free of superfluous components, as the Vichy laboratories have kept the selection of active ingredients to a minimum. More precise than ever, the formula is still hypoallergenic and contains no perfume. Only the best for your skin!


The main advantage of ampoules over the traditional small cosmetic jars? Ingredient preservation! The amber glass protects the formula from light and oxygen. Sealed in this way, even the most delicate active ingredients are perfectly preserved, thus having maximum effectiveness when applied to your visage and neck.


One vial per day goes a long way, as it’s enough for two applications: Apply half in the morning and the other half in the evening. Gently massage the solution onto your face, then continue your skincare routine with your daily moisturizer. Voila! It’s an easy way to get invigorated, luminous skin.


The ampoule format offers a perfect dosage. To be precise, your skin will benefit from 1.8 millilitres of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and essential minerals – no more, no less. And it’s the ideal amount: It’s specifically what your epidermis needs. After 10 days, your complexion is smooth and glowy. After 30 days, any wrinkles fade away and the skin is regenerated. Hello, healthy, radiant face!


The combined power of Liftactiv Peptide-C Anti-Aging Ampoules and Liftactiv Collagen Specialist cream from VICHY is incredible. And two beauty devotees tried it out.

Vanda Neves, editor’s assistant 

“The vials are easy to handle and fragrance-free. The first time I used one, I felt slight discomfort – kind of a tingle on my skin – but the sensation dissipated as soon as I applied the cream, which has a soft, non-oily texture and penetrates the skin easily. I noticed that my skin was softer, more supple and beautifully hydrated – kind of like after a really good workout except that the glow lasted all day! After using this duo, I’ve even left the house without makeup, something I rarely do!”

Gaby Beaudoin, marketing project manager

“The texture of the vial’s formula is very pleasant: My skin absorbs it quickly, and it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. The same goes for the cream. A few hours after using the products, my skin already seemed smoother, as if I had just applied a makeup base. I really appreciated the instant moisture the ampoules provided and the smoothness of my skin after applying the cream. On the other hand, I found that using the ampoules required some handling – mainly, storing the second half for the evening application. However, after a few days, my skin was visibly lighter and my complexion was more radiant. I’m quite happy with the results!”

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