You can’t have a conversation about skincare without talking about retinol. It’s the essential anti-aging solution—the one product that has transcended fleeting beauty trends and reached true must-have status. It speeds up cell turnover, evening out skin texture and reducing the appearance of stubborn wrinkles. You could call it the GOAT—it has definitely earned the title. But the one drawback that has followed this unparalleled ingredient around? Many formulations on the market are not well tolerated by sensitive skin (read “continuous irritation”). Vichy Laboratoires Liftactiv Pure Retinol Serum is set to change that.

It’s the newest addition to Vichy’s beloved Liftactiv line, a collection of products that offer the perfect combination of dermatological active ingredients and the highest tolerability for sensitive skin. Beyond its 0.2 percent concentration of retinol, Liftactiv Pure Retinol Serum is packed with skin-loving ingredients. The latest inclusion is 1 percent probiotic fractions, living micro-organisms that positively impact the skin’s microbiota composition so it’s better equipped to accelerate recovery. Add in some collagen-producing peptides and a hit of fine-line-plumping hyaluronic acid, and this formula is primed to refine skin texture from all angles.

Remember that skin-sensitivity concern? Well, it’s not an issue here. For one thing, the formula is dermatologically tested, and it’s crafted without parabens, silicones or perfumes (in face, the brand is recommended by 50,000 dermatological specialists.). Making the most of retinol’s abilities—and nixing potential irritation—means incorporating it into your routine slowly. The brand’s suggested introduction timeline is ace: During week one, apply Liftactiv Pure Retinol Serum on only two of the evenings; week two, use it every other night; and finally, on week three, add it into your regimen every evening as tolerated. Applying it is a cinch too. After a gentle press, its specialized pipette delivers a precise dose of milky, milky textured serum that smooths on easily and immediately sinks into the skin. Add in LiftActiv Collagen Specialist—a powerhouse cream combining peptides, vitamin C and Vichy Volcanic Water—and your P.M. routine is set.

Now for the all-important results. After diligently using Liftactiv Pure Retinol Serum for five weeks, the wrinkle reduction is real. The biggest-impression-making outcomes? Softened lines on the forehead and under the eyes. But it’s the overall skin-texture improvement—less creased, more even and glowy—that will have us coming back for more.