A photo exhibit from Skinwork, a group that aims to educate women about skin cancer prevention, opens this week in Toronto. The exhibit highlights the skin markings of 60 Canadian women who all have personal connections to the initiative. 

The Skinwork group was founded last year by a group of Toronto women, including Heather Mundle who had previously experienced melanoma. Shortly after the project began, Mundle discovered that the disease had returned and she lost her battle to metastatic melanoma in September 2018. 

“Heather was so passionate about Skinwork and making it something bigger than us,” says Bettina Bogar, photographer for the exhibit. “We are seeing the vision she had through, and then some. We want to honour her life and her goal by doing as much as we can to encourage everyone to be aware of their skin health.” 


Image by: Bettina Bogar

Skinwork is open through March 16 at Artspace Youngplace, and is free to the public. On March 8, International Women’s Day, a panel on skin health will take place at the exhibit. Profits from all prints purchased will go to the Melanoma Network of Canada