Unless you vow to never step outside, chances are your skin will be assaulted daily by environmental threats. Tobacco smoke, pollution and radiation all produce molecules that break down collagen and contribute to skin showing premature aging signs. Idebenone, a powerful antioxidant is a key ingredient in PREVAGE®, providing effective defense against oxidative stress that causes visible signs of aging.


The Regimen

When it comes to protecting your skin from environmental threats responsible for free radicals, antioxidants protect from visibly aging your skin. PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Daily Serum neutralizes environmental aggressors that cause visibly aging signs, thanks to a potent blend of special antioxidants that help maintain the appearance of optimal skin health. This serum reduces the look of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and discolouration while minimizing the look of redness, minor scars and existing sun damage.

For radiant skin that inspires awe, follow a regimen that shields the skin from damaging environmental threats. Protect yourself from sun damage while nourishing skin’s natural moisture defenses with PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Moisture Lotion SPF 30 or PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Moisture Cream SPF 30. The formula helps even skin tone and diminish the appearance of aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin’s texture. PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Overnight Cream optimizes skin’s natural repair process while minimizing the look of lines, wrinkles and sun damage. It syncs with skin’s sleep cycle to work when it’s most receptive to treatments. To brighten up the delicate area around the eyes, apply PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Eye Serum to target dark circles and minimize the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet and uneven skintone. The cooling applicator instantly de-puffs and energizes the eye area.

Eighty percent of all signs of skin aging are caused by environmental aggressors such as UV rays, pollution and smoke.* Keeping that in mind, Elizabeth Arden developed PREVAGE® City Smart Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50 Lotion, a first-of-its-kind invisible skin shield that combines pollution and UV protection with DNA Enzyme Complex™ to strengthen skin’s natural defenses.





80% of signs of Skin aging is caused by the environment (Skin aging and its treatment, L Bauman, Journal of Pathology, 2007)

1. Smoking

Cigarette smoking depletes nutrients needed to protect and repair skin damage, including Vitamin C.

2. Sun

Overexposure to the sun can weaken the skin’s elasticity and change its texture.

3. Pollution

Pollution can impact your skin’s barrier function, making it more susceptible to damage caused by environmental assaults.


Try: Superstart Skin Renewal Booster

The treatment helps restore the healthy look of skin’s surface layer. To maximize the benefits of your serum and your moisturizer, apply the ultra-light, fast-absorbing
booster beforehand.




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