Natural plus luxurious plus indisputably effective: not a skincare equation we’re used to experiencing—until now, that is. Enter Guerlain’s new Advanced Double R Serum, a honey-infused, radiance-imparting formula from the iconic skincare brand’s Abeille Royale range. It’s garnering a ton of buzz, and for good reason.

Double R Serum’s two-pronged action—both peeling and lifting—is the result, perhaps surprisingly, of a formula that’s made with 96 percent naturally derived but totally efficacious ingredients. Bolstered by resurfacing AHAs and PHAs (that’s polyhydroxy acids for the uninitiated), it’s packed with Dynamic Black Bee Repair Technology, an unbeatable bee-sourced blend that harnesses the power of honey and royal jelly to invigorate the skin’s natural self-repair mechanisms. It’s the genius result of the brand’s recently launched BeeLab, which is helmed by internationally renowned scientists and is the first innovation-led research platform dedicated to bee products and skin regeneration. The real-life results? Well, they’re glowing. Texture is refined, pores are tightened and skin looks brand new.

The entire Abeille Royale range (including Advanced Youth Watery Oil, the number one face oil in Canada) has a loyal fan base that includes many notable names, like Janice Joostema, a world-renowned content creator (with more than 1 million followers all over the world!) and Guerlain collaborator. Here, we chat with Joostema about her long-time love of the Abeille Royale range, the skincare secrets of her morning routine and why natural formulas are a must in her beauty arsenal.

What has your experience with Guerlain’s Abeille Royale range been like?

“I’ve been in the beauty industry for quite some time, and I’m very privileged to get to try the best of the best. I normally rotate between different creams, but when I discovered Guerlain Abeille Royale Advanced Youth Watery Oil, it became a staple in me regimen. I use it so carefully because I never want to run out. When it’s combined with the brand’s Advanced Double R Serum, it gives you a real glow, even without makeup.”

Can you walk us through your morning beauty routine?

“When I wake up, I always start by putting ice all over my face to help with puffiness. I have my morning cup of herbal tea, then I apply my Guerlain Abeille Royale Eye R Repair Serum—the gold drop applicator makes it so easy to apply and helps decongest my eye contour. From there, I slather on Advanced Youth Watery Oil for a fresh, dewy complexion and then the Advanced Double R Serum until it’s completely soaked into my skin.”

Why does Guerlain’s natural-skincare philosophy resonate with you?

“I’m someone who is very invested in products with natural ingredients. Guerlain has a true love of creating these products that we use on our skin every day and that visibly improve our skin, and it’s also committed to spreading awareness on how to help our planet, starting with protecting bees. What Guerlain stands for is beautiful.”



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