If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you have a high skincare IQ. But have you ever heard of inflamm-aging? It’s a new approach to understanding skin aging in people with sensitive complexions (a biological reality for a whopping 60 percent of us). It goes something like this: Continuous exposure to external stressors like pollution and UV rays causes inflammation; that inflammation becomes chronic, which impedes the healing process, and from there, the skin’s defences become compromised. It’s a nasty cycle that leads to the skin having a lowered sensitivity threshold and ultimately results in an outcome that no one anticipated: premature skin aging.

It’s a bit mind-blowing, right? But fret not! Bioderma’s latest skincare launch, Sensibio Defensive serum, is set to break this sensitivity cycle. How exactly does it address dehydration, sensitivity and premature aging? With a collection of highly considered, dermatologically tested ingredients. First, there are carnosine and vitamin E, two antioxidative defences that biomimetically emulate the natural free-radical fighters in the skin. Then comes tetrapeptide-10, an essential element that reinforces the skin barrier by stimulating the proteins and enzymes responsible for protecting the epidermis. On the soothing front are red-sage polyphenols, which help regulate pollution-induced inflammation and limit the hyperactivity of nerve fibres. And all of this is wrapped up in uncompromising 24-hour hydration thanks to glycerine, hyaluronic acid and fucose polymer. The amazing end result? One go-getter of a product.


The best way to safeguard your sensitive skin—and act on fine lines and wrinkles—is to use Bioderma’s extensive Sensibio line. Start your routine with Sensibio H2O, a no-rinse makeup remover that puts moisture back into the skin as it gently removes particles and pollution. Then, apply a dropper of the milky fragrance-free Sensibio Defensive serum, which makes your face feel fresh and comfortable. And finish up with Sensibio Défensive, a soothing and strengthening cream that protects skin from daily aggressors. You can count on this three-pronged approach to stop inflamm-aging in its tracks.


Price: $44.99


Sensibio H2O Micellar water

Price: $ 20.99


Sensibio Defensive serum

Price: $ 44.99


Sensibio Defensive

Price: $ 29.99