It’s one of the great conundrums of being a beauty lover. Our eyes and lips are the trickiest spots to remove makeup from, but those areas also have more sensitive skin. The skin around your eyes, for example, is four times thinner than the skin on your cheeks and more prone to dryness and damage. Residual dirt and grime can cause irritation, so a thorough cleanse is necessary, but the repeated rubbing and tugging that may occur with that process can lead to redness, marked skin and even eyelash loss. It seems like there’s no winning.

Enter Bioderma Sensibio H2O Eye. The sensitive-skinfriendly product is a bi-phase micellar water that can remove even the most stubborn makeup—long-lasting waterproof formulas included.

So what does that mean, exactly? And how does it work? Bi-phasic makeup removers work in two “phases”: The first breaks down makeup on your skin, and the second ensures a complete cleanse. Most contain 50 percent oil to achieve the first phase and 50 percent water for the second. The oil portion of Sensibio H2O Eye, however, makes up just 30 percent of the formula, which is the perfect amount to thoroughly remove makeup—with no risk of irritation or swelling—while offering maximum sensory appeal and leaving the skin feeling comfortable. The oil dissolves makeup and then the aqueous micelles trap and remove it.

Inspired by the brand’s already iconic facial micellar water, Sensibio H2O Eye treats and protects skin too. It contains goodfor- you skincare ingredients—like strengthening pro-vitamin B5, anti-inflammatory fructooligosaccharides (a.k.a. “FOS,” a blend of fructose and glucose) and nourishing Laminaria-seaweed extract (found in Bioderma’s patented D.A.F. complex)—that soothe and moisturize skin and boost the skin barrier. The result is ultra-clean skin that’s protected and feels good.

Incorporating Sensibio H2O Eye into your everyday routine is also super easy. Shake the compact bottle to bind the oil and water phases, then soak a cotton pad with the liquid. From there, simply place the saturated cotton pad on the area you’re cleansing and move it very gently—no rough rubbing or tugging is necessary. You don’t have to rinse, either—your skin will be clean and won’t feel greasy or sticky. Follow it up with Sensibio H2O to remove the rest of your makeup and then moisturize your skin with Sensibio Defensive.


Price : 17.99 $