Healthy, luminous, totally even: These are the skin qualities that everyone covets. And for good reason—they make a real difference when it comes to pulling off the fresh-faced look sans makeup. Achieving that undeniable glow is the aim behind Sublimessence High Brightening Vitamin C Serum, a buzzy new product from Canadian beauty brand Watier.

What makes Sublimessence so special? At the heart of the formula is a super-high concentration of stabilized vitamin C. This do-it-all ingredient—beloved by derms, skincare gurus and pretty much everyone else walking the earth—helps reduce the appearance of stubborn dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines while increasing overall radiance. What’s different about its presence in Sublimessence is just how much is packed into each golden bottle—20 percent, which is a considerable amount compared to other products on the market and a level that helps optimize results. Another distinguishing factor is the serum’s use of powerful, Canadian-sourced ingredients to enhance that light-imparting effect. Labrador tea and boreal white pine extract, which both originate from our homeland, pack a brightening punch by evening out skin tone.

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Rounding out the complex are three tried-and-true skincare staples that work together in glow-boosting harmony: ferulic acid, a powerhouse antioxidant that preserves and amplifies the potency of vitamin C; caviar lime, which acts as a source of AHA to gently exfoliate the skin; and hydrating squalane, an easily absorbed emollient that protects the skin barrier.

Incorporating Sublimessence High Brightening Vitamin C Serum into your regimen—then reaping all the benefits—is simple. Apply to cleansed skin once daily, either in the a.m. (always followed by sun protection) or in the evening before you work in heavier creams. The beautiful results—a healthy, even complexion that seriously glows—aren’t just noticeable when you catch a look in the mirror; they’re actually clinically proven. After just 28 days of use, 100 percent of women in a study had lighter dark spots* and 96 percent found their complexion was brighter and more luminous.** With Sublimessence in your routine, the future is undoubtedly looking bright.

*Clinical test on 27 women.
**Satisfaction test on 28 women.

Sublimessence Sérum vitamine C haute radiance – 28 mL ($88)