Canadian winter is in full swing, and Tatcha is here to save your skin.

Today, the Japanese-inspired beauty brand announced the latest addition to their Dewy product range, The Dewy Serum, set to drop online at Sephora on Dec. 22. The silky formula includes Tatcha’s proprietary blend of 73% Hadasei-3 – made up of double-fermented Japanese rice, green tea and algae – to gently exfoliate, while hyaluronic acid and sugarcane-derived squalane protect and deeply hydrate the skin barrier.

We chatted with Tatcha’s global director of artistry and education and celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin – who counts Jessica Alba, Meghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra as clients – to get all the details on the new Dewy Serum. Ahead, Martin talks about his current skin ritual, his favourite serum application tips and how to switch up your beauty routine for the new year.

What was the process of developing The Dewy Serum like?

We wanted to create something that was on the lighter side, that could still be used as a day or night treatment. It was really important for us to have products that can be layered together. The Dewy Serum is like the midway product in between The Water Cream and The Dewy Skin Cream – it mimics a bit of both textures. For example, if you have dry skin, your lineup is going to be The Essence, then The Dewy Serum, followed by The Dewy Skin Cream. For combination or oily skin, I would do The Essence, followed by The Dewy Serum, then The Water Cream. You’re still going to get that hydration, you’re still going to get that protection, but sometimes you want something that’s a bit lighter.

What’s your current skincare routine like?

Right now, it’s sunny here in NYC. It was 60 F (15 C). Our weather hasn’t been that cold yet for me to really start feeling like I need protection. I have combination skin, so during the day I go for The Essence and The Dewy Serum followed by SPF. I’m not a big fan of too much on my face.

You mentioned The Dewy Serum is great for layering. What’s your favourite serum to layer it with?

A lot of it depends on skin type and how fast your skin is absorbing the product. So you would cleanse, apply your essence, then your vitamin C serum, then The Dewy Serum. You definitely want to layer each serum separately. The Dewy Serum will act almost like a cocoon for the skin to keep the moisture locked in. During the day, you would need to put an SPF on top because of the lactic acid [in The Dewy Serum]. For some people, that might be too much, like it would be too much for my skin – so I like to combine serums at night.

What are some of your favourite ingredients in The Dewy Serum?

Hadasei-3, our proprietary blend, and hyaluronic acid. We tend to think of serums as clear and fine, but usually, clear serums tend to be less emollient. A lot of times they are water-based, so once that water is dissipated, you feel like you really don’t have anything on your face. The Dewy Serum has a bit more moisture to it. It really encapsulates the hyaluronic acid that’s in it, kind of wrapping around the skin and holding all that moisture together. It’s a really comforting serum.

What’s your favourite way to use The Dewy Serum?

I love it underneath makeup because of its light texture and moisturizing benefits, especially if you’re wearing a full-coverage foundation. I’ve actually mixed it with the Nars Soft Matte foundation. It’s a longwear foundation, but I found it’s extremely compatible with this product. I’ll do a pump of the serum, a little drop of the foundation and I’ll mix it. Because it’s a mattifying foundation, what it does is it breaks down the pigment a bit so it sheers it out. You still get that coverage but you also get some radiance.

The Dewy Serum is inspired by the “shinsei”, Japanese for “new birth”. What’s a fun way to change up your skincare routine for the new year? 

It’s funny, no one’s really wearing makeup anymore, and I feel like everyone’s experimenting with skincare. I would try to integrate masks at night. Our Violet-C Radiance Mask is great for evenings. The Luminous Dewy Skin Night Concentrate is also amazing. It’s part of the Dewy skin line and it has a jelly-like consistency.  If my skin is super dry and parched or if I’m sunburned, I layer with this at night. It’s one of those things that really, really takes care of the skin.

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