Aging is a fact of life, of course, but heightened stress levels, continued exposure to city pollution and poor-quality sleep and diet can take a major toll on our bodies.

Adaptogens have been used in medicine since ancient times to mitigate the effects that stress and fatigue have on the body. Now, the chemists at Kiehl’s have developed a formula that harnesses the power of adaptogens to benefit the biggest organ of your body: your skin.

Stressors weaken the skin barrier, making it susceptible to damage from free radicals (unstable molecule). This triggers the release of cortisol (a stress molecule), which leads to a domino effect of irritation, diminishing radiance and a reduced ability to bounce back. Adaptogens – typically plant-based herbal ingredients – work to mitigate these effects.

With Kiehl’s new Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum, you can incorporate all the benefits of adaptogenic herbs – along with an ultra-potent form of hyaluronic acid – into your skincare routine. This lightweight serum penetrates eight layers deep to immediately smooth and hydrate. Expect firmer, more resilient skin with continued use – skin that’s better equipped to take on the stressors of modern life.


11kDa hyaluronic acid

Bigger isn’t always better. Kiehl’s formulated the Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum with ultra-hydrating 11kDa hyaluronic acid – a molecule smaller than conventional hyaluronic acid –  to strengthen skin and add hydration where you need it most: the surface layers of the skin.

Adaptogenic herbal complex

Kiehl’s powerful blend of antioxidant-packed adaptogenic herbs includes:

Red ginseng root to support the resurfacing of fresh skin cells.

Holy basil – which is rich in anti-inflammatory acids – to neutralize free radicals and restore radiance to the skin.

Schisandra berry to retain elasticity and help the skin bounce back from stress.

This powerhouse trio of ingredients works with 11kDa hyaluronic acid to soften, smooth and revitalize your skin so you can take on the daily grind of life with confidence.

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